About Trauma

About Trauma.

What is Trauma? Trauma is an emotional response to a distressing event in our lives that makes us no longer feel safe in our environment. It is also about loss of meaning and shattered assumptions about how life ought to be...... it can be about trying to make sense and meaning in a world that actually seems meaningless......

Many of us cope with, and move forward from a traumatic event but in some cases when we are unable to process the incident effectively it feels as though we have become stuck. This can result in feelings of anxiety, anger and frustration,  and if these symptoms remain for a longer period it is usually a sign that the brain cannot reprocess the trauma effectively, which may result in post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), or PTS, post traumatic stress symptoms.

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How do I know if I have post traumatic stress disorder?  PTSD can happen to anybody who has had a traumatic experience, and the effects can be frightening, isolating and debilitating to live with. Flashbacks that happen without warning, re-experiencing of the event that appears all too real, persistent nightmares and a heightened state of vigilance are common symptoms associated with PTSD, and it can be exhausting and time consuming living a life of avoidance. Whilst the   traumatic event may stereotypically  be  death, a terrorist attack, or serious accident, any event that causes us to feel unsafe in our world for a prolonged period of time can be construed as traumatic, and is a unique and subjective experience to us as individuals. These symptoms  can have a very negative effect as anything that once felt safe and comfortable in life  now feels threatening. It is important to seek the help of a specialist to determine whether symptoms are as a result of PTS or PTSD.

Medical trauma focuses on understanding the nature and effects of a trauma that has a connection to the medical environment. Examples may be a chronic life changing illness, a life threatening diagnosis, or  a routine operation that has impacted in a negative way, leaving a fear of the hospital/medical environment. Anything medically related that causes an unwelcome change in circumstances and quality of life can make us feel depressed, anxious, isolated and frightened, as we struggle to adjust.

When encountering any kind of trauma it is not unusual to experience a sense of not 'belonging' in our own skin, which can feel  unsafe and fearful.  Counselling can help re-process the event so that the world starts to feel a less frightening place to be, and whilst it cannot change the fact that trauma has occurred, access to a service offering emotional support at a time when we are at our most vulnerable can offer enormous relief, helping us to cope with the present and future in a more manageable way.

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