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21 March 2023

Our Safety Contract....

Group meetings can be a bit like pic n' mix......our personalities whilst all lovely, are also flawed, purely because we're all human beings! We each have good parts and not so good parts, bringing them all together in a room or on a screen can create an eclectic mix, that can be may things, exciting, uplifting, energising, irritating or frustrating, depending on how we feel on a particular day. Our group meetings need to feel safe and protected and for that to happen it's important to establish some housekeeping boundaries, so we can all relate to each other in a respectful way. The following has been put together by group members over the years, and reflects their needs and experiences, it's a kind of group contract. This can be added to as you see fit, it's a moveable feast.  Also as practising  therapists, group facilitators have to abide by the BACP ethical code of conduct, and whilst that might sound a little off putting, it's there to help  keep you  safe and anchored. (

Why the group is there:

  • To provide a safe therapeutic space for those with metastatic breast cancer to discuss how their condition is affecting them
  • To speak freely and respectfully about personal thoughts and feelings
  • To share and receive information
  • To offer and receive support from each other
  • To connect with those who share a similar experience
  • To feel less isolated
  • To be seen, heard and understood
  • To have a voice; to feel empowered.

Group agreement & group dynamics; our safety contract

  • Confidentiality & privacy - especially with video meetings; what’s said in the group stays in the group
  • Sharing – being mindful of what you share, taking responsibility for your observations and how they may be interpreted and having an enquiring mind about other opinions that may differ to yours.
  • Being supportive of each other and each person’s unique experience
  • Being respectful of each other’s thoughts & feelings
  • Giving space to everyone who wishes to speak & offering each other the chance to be heard
  • Being mindful that not everyone may wish to speak but prefer to listen
  • Giving yourself and each other permission to share your vulnerabilities in the knowledge this should feel a safe place to do so
  • Trying to be honest and open about how you feel in a respectful manner
  • Trying not to be judgmental; every experience needs validating and may differ to yours
  • Knowing that crying or releasing emotion is OK; that it’s OK not to be OK! Triggers can be unexpected

Our safety contract; our responsibility to you as facilitators & therapists

  • To offer structure - A beginning, middle & end
  • To create boundaries - Time, Content, Safety, holding emotion, managing the group content
  • Containment: Ebb & flow, light and shade, balance
  • Psychological education: Introducing you to the potential for change through conversation, exploration and information
  • Self disclosure: When appropriate and only if it’s in your best interests
  • Risk: To act on and/or determine whether any disclosures may indicate a possible risk of harm to oneself or others, and to offer appropriate support, both during the group meeting and if necessary afterwards. This may also include sharing information with a GP or health care professional

 I hope the above makes sense. Please email me if you have any questions


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