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The Raging Storm

Challenging trauma, a client's experience

The Raging Storm

It is always a privilege to work with those who show such courage in wanting to facilitate change in their lives. With this in mind I would like to share the following with you, in the hope, it will give you the inspiration to embark on your own voyage of self-discovery.


The raging storm roars on,
My heart and soul it batters
My hopes, my dreams, my life?
My whole being, left in tatters.

The waves crash over me,
I’m freezing to my core.
Gasping for breath, going under,
I’m certain I can’t take much more!

From a flash of lightning
To a crash of thunder.
I’m blinded by darkness,
I sit and I wonder.
How do I change this?
How do I move on?

The person I could have been,
Is forever lost, she’s gone.
In time the waves start easing?
The pelting of pebbles subside.
My pleading for peace answered.
It seems the storm complied?

Darkness lifts, strong winds ease,
A break in the clouds ahead.
The slightest sign of darkness,
Fills me with such dread.
I feel a glow surround me,
It soothes my battered soul.
A reassuring warmth descends,
It helps me gain control.

I walk along the littered sands,
Debris surrounds my feet.
I hear a voice it whispers,
This strength is yours to keep.



Shared by kind permission of the author, anonymous for reasons of confidentiality.

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