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‘Cake & Counsel’ by Heart 2 Hart Solutions is a unique concept of educational group therapy designed for  those who are struggling to manage life with a chronic medical condition or medical trauma.  The group is offered educational and emotional support coupled with the power of the group dynamic, where shared experiences in a safe environment are encouraged as part of the therapeutic  process. Also unique as an ice-breaker is the inclusion of cake, which symbolises the bonding process of the group, representing what has been helpful and thought-provoking  as well as becoming part of the therapy process for those who choose to embrace a more creative approach.

Living with fibromyalgia has been running since February 2019. With the emphasis on educational support and group empowerment we are pleased to say this pilot scheme has shown considerable improvement in the quality of life of those attending, and more projects supporting those living with a chronic medical condition are planned for the future. Currently we are applying for funding, and registering this division of the business as a 'not for profit' project. Our original fibromyalgia group is now run as a rolling monthly group, and funding would enable other educational groups to be established over a period of 10 months, becoming rolling groups therafter.

“If anyone is feeling as though they are struggling and are afraid to ask for help consider reaching out to Colette. It was the best decision I could have made and I am finally getting back to being myself thanks to her……”

The 'Living with.....'  concept has the support of occupational Doctors and physiotherapists as well as associated companies  supporting employees who wish to manage their condition better at home and in the workplace. Currently there is currently nothing comparable in south Wales to offer patients with a chronic health condition.

If you are interested in attending any future groups please register your interest on the contacts page. 

In addition to the 'Living with' groups, therapeutic emotional group support is also being established across Wales for those living with secondary breast cancer. In association with Macmillan, groups are currently running monthly in Cardiff, Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire, with others to follow over the next few months. Please email to register your interest.


*Whilst cake is regarded as part of the concept, we are mindful there may be people who feel this isn’t an option for them. All dietry requirements and alternative options will be taken into account and included in the group meet-ups, in order to maintain the rationale behind the concept.


Health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity....... World Health Organization


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