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About Counselling

About Counselling

What is counselling? To coin a phrase, counselling is all about 'the journey' – and indeed the process of counselling is not unlike a car. Some days it takes a while to get started, and may even cough and splutter a little before cruising along quite merrily. It may gradually slow down, unexpectedly break down, or spend some time getting stuck and going around roundabouts, before speeding on ahead, sometimes over rocky terrain and other times to safety.

“I have reached a point where we both feel I can move forward on my own but it is extremely comforting to know Colette is there should I require her help again…..”

How does counselling work? Sometimes it can be as simple as having the freedom to talk about your worries, anxieties or fears with somebody who will listen, understand and hear what you are saying without judgement, criticism or opinion. As an integrative therapist I work with a variety of models tailor made to suit you and your unique situation, utilising visual and creative techniques, cognitive adjustment, and your ways of relating; to others, to your past and to the present. When working with trauma I include the use of compassion focused and somatic therapy, which helps to create a solid, empowering foundation, enabling you to process your memories and fears safely.  At all times I offer you empathy and compassion and our work is always collaborative, ensuring  you have a safe space in which to explore your  trauma, which can be challenging as well as liberating, but ultimately helps you gain control back in your life.

Practising on-line, outdoors and at The Cyncoed Medical Centre

BACP Registered - Heart 2 Hart - Professional counselling and talking therapy service in Wales

Heart 2 Hart Solutions Ltd.

Practising from:

Cyncoed Medical Centre,
Dartington Drive,
CF23 8SQ

Tel: 07903 457245

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